Seventeen Features Miss America’s Outstanding Teen’s Prom Tips

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is sharing her top tips for looking and feeling amazing on prom night.


And Seventeen writes: “Olivia embraces her gorgeous curves, never shying away from who she is. And since she wears gown after gown while competing in pageants, she knows a thing or two about finding a dress to flatter your curves and make you feel your most confident. Steal her curvy girl style tips to look and feel your best on prom night.” 

Find Olivia’s tips here:


In addition to her Seventeen appearance, Olivia was named by

Teen Vogue as a Top 10 teen who changed the world in 2014 and is also part of the #aerieReal campaign. As part of these achievements, Olivia has been able to spark a conversation among teens about the true meaning of beauty. 

Olivia has already performed and spoken to audiences totaling over one million and will continue to inspire others as she embarks on her summer tour in just a few weeks.