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Prince Camp

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen presents Prince Camp!

Prince Camp is designed for boys, ages 5 to 12, who are looking to learn how to create characters, improvise and project professionalism on stage using proven performance techniques that will boost the confidence of any actor. Designed for all levels of actors, this 4-day workshop provides students with the building blocks of theatre, while exploring performance and storytelling techniques. Led by a theatre professional and actor, the camp focuses on tapping into the artist’s unique voice, thereby discovering the tools to develop performance abilities. Students also learn to build character, develop improvisational skills, and maintain professionalism on the stage.

MAOTeen16 PrinceCampEach Prince will engage in interactive discussions and acting exercises as they:

  • Master the building blocks of basic theatre, performance and storytelling techniques.
  • Use scene study as a vehicle for introducing and building character.
  • Practice improvisational skills while discovering how to maintain professionalism on stage.
  • Enjoy a Special Photo Shoot for Industry Headshots.

Learning how to think and act spontaneously and assertively, no matter what the situation, is an ability that will serve any student well on stage-and beyond.

Dates: Aug 2- 5, 2016
Location: Rosen Centre Hotel
Age: 5-12