My Fitness!

February 17th, 2015

As we are now in full swing of the new year, people are committing to New Years resolutions like no soda or candy, or reaching towards a weight loss goal. I should know because fitness has been a New Years resolution for me since I was a kid. It was something that I worked hard at for a little while, but after expecting instant gratification and not seeing results I would give up. But what made last year different than all the other years for me is that I realized that there is no such thing as instant gratification in the fitness world. It is about excepting that health is a lifelong commitment. Even after loosing 50 pounds last year I struggle with old habits of binge eating or cheating with sugary snacks. It is a struggle that will always be there for me, and I will always have to work hard to remember that my fitness is something that matters to me and I will work at it until I reach all of my goals. So this new year I challenge you all to join in the fight to achieve our fitness goals. To not give up when we don’t see results right away. And to also remember that we are human and we will give in sometimes. That is ok! It is about how you move on from that and work even harder the next day! I believe in all of you and I support you in your own battle as I hope you will support me in mine. Happy New year everyone… This year WILL be different!!



December 26th, 2014

” Hello all! I am wishing you readers Happy Holidays from Georgia! This Christmas season has been an exciting one for me! I traveled to Philadelphia for the week of Thanksgiving! I was invited to a awesome welcome party hosted by the Miss PA Organization/OT.  About 50 attended we ate, drank had a great Bon Fire.  Many thanks to Autumn and Judy for hosting!  Philadelphia bought me the chance to host a “Girls Know How” workshop with Author Ellyn Langas at the Philadelphia Free Library.  The books are about empowering girls to reach for their career dreams!    I was able to visit many platform related facilities like Melmark, the Woods School, And Kids peace. These organizations provide schools, treatment, and housing for mentally disabled adults and children. I was able to speak with these kids and perform for them! The kids really loved singing and dancing along to “All I want for Christmas is You”! I also spoke and performed at the US Dream Academy, which provides after school programs for children with incarcerated parents. During this trip I had a wonderful time meeting families dealing with a lot of the same things that my family deals with. My brothers disabilities affect the whole family, so it is wonderful to see places who provide assistance to families like mine.   I also had the opportunity to do a TV interview that was broadcast several times on Thanksgiving Day featuring my service activities while I was in Philadelphia.  It was so much fun to perform In the Duncan Donuts Thanksgiving Day parade, put on by John Best Productions!  I sang “All I want for Christmas is You,” in the parade, and I rode in a really cool 1970 red convertible! The parade was amazing and I had a blast! I also had a wonderful dinner with my Big Sister Kira, and I got to know alittle bit about what an amazing person she is!

Back in Georgia our Northside Eagles made it all the way to the Georgia Dome to play for the 5A State Championship… And WE WON! So our school is now state champions at one-act, and football! I could not be more proud of our guys for all of their hard work and commitment to their school and to eachother. I loved being in the student section and cheering on my team this season. Go Eagles!

PA OT welcomed me in style!  Thank you for the great party!

PA OT welcomed me in style! Thank you for the great party!

The Joybellls performed for me, they are a special group of kids!

The Joybellls performed for me, they are a special group of kids!

Ellyn Langas and I presented a workshop at the Philadelphia Free Library!

Ellyn Langas and I presented a workshop at the Philadelphia Free Library!

My trip was about service and I got to share my week on TV!

My trip was about service and I got to share my week on TV!

These challlenged kids were so special.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to speak and interact with them!

These challlenged kids were so special. I am blessed to have the opportunity to speak and interact with them!

Kira and I had a great dinner together and enjoyed parade day.  We both performed!

Kira and I had a great dinner together and enjoyed parade day. We both performed!


October was a Great Month!

November 17th, 2014


I Have been having an amazing time as miss America’s Outstanding Teen. I have been given so many incredible opportunities, and I am so thankful to The MAOT Organization for making my dreams come true. One of the incredible adventures I have been on is Miss America’s Homecoming in New York City! The city is truly magical with so many wonderful sights and opportunities! It really is the city of dreams. But even better than that, I had a blast getting to spend time with my big sis Kira Kazanstev. She is truly beautiful inside and out and is doing an incredible job as your Miss America 2015. I also got to spend time with the gorgeous Cady Stoever Miss New York’ Outstanding Teen and Jillian Tapper Miss New York, and several other state Title Holders. We went all around the city to time Square, Madame Tassauds Wax Museum and even beautiful Dinner cruise. We also got to see Pageant The musical, a wonderful and hilarious off Broadway show. One of my favorite events in New York however, was getting to be an #aerieReal girl. I was fortunate enough to receive some beautiful American Eagle/Aerie clothes and be photographed around the town as an #AerieReal girl in support of their anti-photoshop campaign! I made some wonderful memories in New York that I will never forget.
I am also pleased to announce that our High school one act play “The Music Man” won best in the region and now Best in state for the 5th year in a row. It is a true honor to be apart of such a wonderful program at Northside High School. Our Football has also won the region championship game, and more recently their 1st play-off game. I love cheering on my team. Go Eagles!
I am now preparing to go to Philadelphia for the Dunkin Doughnut Thanksgiving Day Parade. I cannot wait to sing “all I want for Christmas is You” in the parade!


Kira and I on a Dinner Cruise.

Cady and I at Kira’s Homecoming

One Act Competition


One Act Competition 5th Year Consecutive Win!

What’s New!!

October 14th, 2014
So many great honors were given to me at my homecoming!

So many great honors were given to me at my homecoming!

My family and I were so honored!

My family and I were so honored!

RIght after her crowning I had the honor to get this great photo, she is truly a beautiful spirit.

RIght after her crowning I had the honor to get this great photo, she is truly a beautiful spirit.

Hello friends! I just wanted to give you an update on my life as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen thus far! I was so blessed to be given a beautiful homecoming celebration in my hometown of Warner Robins, Georgia at the Museum of Aviation (the 2nd largest in the country). I was honored with several incredible gifts including a beautiful diamond crown necklace and Keys to my city, which was a big honor and something I will never forget. I am so fortunate to live in such a tight knit community full of so many encouraging and supportive people. The ceremony was perfect and so intimate. I loved it!

I have been very busy lately preparing for our schools one-act play competition. This year we are performing “The Music Man” and I am ecstatic to be playing the part of Marion “the Librarian”. We have won the state championship for one-act for the past three years, and we are working hard to pursue a 4th win. School is full of challenges, as I am also preparing and submitting early college applications. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in one day!

I am now looking ahead to the upcoming ABC Dunkin Donut Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, where I will be performing live on ABC for an audience of 7 Million viewers! I am also excited to attend Kira’s Homecoming in New York, I know it will be fabulous! I am looking forward to meeting Kira and seeing all of the sights in Manhattan and Staten Island. I will also be taking a College Tour of Juilliard while I am there!

Although I am loving this fall weather, when the holidays approach we seem to become more and more obsessed with… FOOD. It becomes even harder to “just say no” and to eat right and exercise. I say don’t “just say NO”. It is all about portion control. Treat yourself to a piece of cake once in awhile, just not at every meal everyday of the week. Have a piece of candy, just choose the fat free Tootsie Pop instead of the more calorie filled option. You can do it, just know I’m right hear struggling along with you!

Miss America 2015

September 23rd, 2014

I had such a blast at Miss America. I never imagined that I would one day be able to not only be in the audience at Miss America, but be recognized on national television as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen! I have watched Miss America on ABC since I was a little girl. Sitting there in the audience was a magical experience that I will never forget.
My week was filled with so many great opportunities! I want to thank Jenn Cady for a great photo shoot on the Boardwalk. The pictures will be used for my comp cards and for marketing all throughout my reign. The teens and I also had a great time at the Miss America Trade Show with The Pageant Guy Steven Roddy. We all made Vine’s answering the question: You Know You Are an MAOTeen Girl When……….. Watch our Facebook Page to see all of the fun! Another highlight of the week was the Miss America Show Us Your Shoes Parade, It was pouring rain but the Boardwalk was full of fans wanting to see my Shoes! I had a great time, and half way through the Parade, the rain stopped and we were able to put the top down in the car and really have some fun with all of the parade fans! I had the opportunity to perform on the Miss America Stage twice during the week, what an honor!
I will also never forget meeting my hero Mallory Hagan. She was an inspiration to me, and huge part of the reason that I chose to participate in the Miss America Organization. She struggled with weight during her reign and in her life just as I have. Needless to say I freaked out when I met her. When I told her she was “incredible” she told me something that I will never forget. She said ” You are incredible too Olivia, just like I have inspired you with my story, you will inspire other little girls with yours. Don’t give up.” So I say to everyone reading this Don’t Ever Give Up, because you never know who you are inspiring.
Meeting the Forever Miss America’s was also a dream come true. The women I have always looked up to and aspired to be like were suddenly right there and talking to me. I couldn’t believe it. They are truly all Outstanding women. I met them at the Miss America Brunch, where I was also honored to sing the National Anthem.
The week was fun, inspiring, tiring, overwhelming and a dream come true! 53 young women all competed for the honor of being Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, and I was lucky enough to be chosen, I am grateful for this opportunity and for many more to come during my year of service.
All of the contestants competing in Miss America were amazing. They all displayed a poise and grace that I hope I can reach one day. They all worked so hard, and looked so beautiful up on that stage. So, I say congratulations to all 53 contestants who made their States so incredibly proud. I want to offer a HUGE congratulations to Kira Kazanstev Miss America 2015. She is truly an amazing person and so gracious. She is a genius and so incredibly well spoken and she truly shines inside and out! She is gorgeous and I cannot wait to see all of the incredible things she does this year and all of the people she will inspire!

Hi Everyone!

September 5th, 2014


Blog post
Hi everyone! This is my first official post on my new Blog and I am so excited to start off this new year! First I have to say I am honored and humbled to be your new Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Olivia McMillan. I never imagined that I would have this incredible opportunity. As a girl who always struggled with weight and emotional eating, I never believed that winning pageants was in my future. I had a distinct picture in my head that the ideal pageant girl was perfection… everything that I wasn’t as a 5’10” statuesque, biracial girl.
I came to realize that the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen organization was exactly what I needed. An organization that promotes bright, kind and well-rounded girls, who are healthy and fit for their own specific body types. At the beginning of my local MAOT pageant journey, there were those who told me I was too fat to compete in a state pageant. I was 16 years old at the time, and that really messed with my head. I stepped back, took an honest look at myself and realized that I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. I decided to make a huge change for myself, not for anyone else, just for ME! Through healthy eating and exercise, I lost 50 pounds over the course of the year and achieved a healthy weight that felt right for me. Perfect or not, I was blessed to win my state pageant in Georgia, and then I went on to become Miss America’s Outstanding Teen!
This year, I hope to inspire girls to be their best selves and to love themselves and embrace who they are unapologetically! I want to help young girls learn that it is okay to just be themselves, whether they are a size 2 or a size 20! It is important to be healthy, and I hope that as I blog my fitness journey over this year, I can help to inspire others to seek more healthy lifestyles. I want people to know that they can accomplish any goal, even when they face adversity.
I am adopted and biracial, and my adoptive brother has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and bipolar disorder. While we are fortunate to have such a caring family, you can imagine that challenges do arise! Through my blog, I’ll be sharing some of them and how my family and I push through together. I am also proud to help others through my platform, The Sibling Support Project and my role as the official National Teen Goodwill Ambassador of Children for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. I’ll share more soon!
Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope girls will relate to my story and work hard to reach their dreams, no matter what obstacles are put in their path. I am thankful for all of the wonderful support from the MAOT organization. I look forward to an amazing year! Thank you!
- Olivia

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2015

August 3rd, 2014

Orlando, Florida – August 2, 2014 – Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen, Olivia McMillan was crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2015 tonight at the Linda Chapin Theater in Orlando.


Olivia’s triumphant walk across the stage was just the beginning of a journey that will take her all of the country during her year of service as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2015.  She will travel speaking to audiences about her platform “The Sibling Support Project” and acting as the official National Teen Goodwill Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for children’s hospitals.  CMNH is the national platform partner of the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization.

Olivia is a 17-year-old student at Northside High School.  She is the daughter of Greg and Tracy McMillan and resides in Centerville, Georgia.

Along with the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2015, Olivia won a $25,000 scholarship provided by the Harris Rosen Foundation and Neutraderm towards her college education.  For the talent portion of the competition, Olivia sang “Nessun Dorma.”

The first runner-up was Miss Tennessee’s Outstanding Teen, Lexie Perry who earned a $10,000 scholarship. Her talent performance was fiddle and her personal platform is “Hear Me Out.”


Second runner-up honors and a $7,500 scholarship were awarded to Miss Alabama’s Outstanding Teen, Morgan Green.  Her talent was a vocal and her personal platform is “Literacy: Pathway to Prosperity.”


Third runner-up and the winner of a $5,000 scholarship was Miss Virginia’s Outstanding Teen, Casey Shepard. Her talent was a Ballet en Pointe and her personal platform is “E.N.D.D. Embracing Not Defining Disabilities.”


The fourth runner-up and recipient of a $2,500 scholarship was Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen, Morgan Holen. Her talent was a lyrical dance and her platform is “Random Acts of Kindness.”


Miss North Dakota’s Outstanding Teen, Raghen Lucy, and Miss Virgin Island’s Outstanding Teen, Cereyna Bougouneau, were the winners of America’s Choice, an online competition where viewers were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite Miss America’s Outstanding Teen contestant.  The announcement was made at the beginning of the show and they became the 1st and 2nd Semi-Finalists to compete in the finale.

The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization is one of the nation’s leading achievement programs and made available more than $18 million in cash and tuition scholarship assistance to our 2014 national contestants.  The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization encourages positive achievement by helping to nurture and build the scholastic achievement, creative accomplishment, healthy living and community involvement of our nation’s youth.  MAOTeen provides educational scholarships for deserving young people and has developed mentoring programs and community-based initiatives.  The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization has a long standing relationship with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Through this partnership, the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization has raised nearly $100,000 this year to help improve the lives of children across the country.

Additional information about the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Organization can be found at